0 to 3 Class for children 6 weeks to 3 years

Our infant and toddler community finds sanctuary in their nurturing, homelike environment. In this place they are free to explore and investigate the world around them thanks to the dedicated teachers who carefully prepare their classroom, ensuring safety and discoveries at every corner. 

Infants are not hindered by restraining apparatus and are included as vital members of the school community, whether they are listening to a story with the older toddlers or going on a nature walk to see the changes of the season. During the infant stage of development, children are introduced to the world around them by exploring the senses and are provided ample opportunities to further develop their motor skills. 

As toddlers, they spend more time developing their sense of self and are encouraged and empowered to master practical life skills. Toddlers are exposed to a variety of subjects, which allows them to broaden their mind and discover new interests. Mindful teachers gently guide them through observation and preparation, providing an array of learning opportunities throughout their day. 

As a result, these children are able to develop a strong sense of self, independence, and a foundation to serve as a platform for future discoveries. 

  • Organic, healthily prepared foods beginning around six months
  • Natural and engaging materials that promote self motivated learning
  • Sign language from infancy to toddler
  • Indoor & Outdoor learning opportunities
  • Yoga for all ages
  • Character development and learning through real life exercises